Sanz Flat Weaving From Generations to Generations

Sanz Flat Weaving From Generations to Generations

Art of weaving, with Its unique beauties being encountered tn almost every part of Anatolia. the home of Turks since llth century, is still being kept alive tn specific regions of our nation. One of the various regions still keeping this highly valuable cultural legacy of our forefathers alive is Sanz district of Kayseri, known for Its Sanz Flat Weaving with numerous area of use. As a result of studies conducted. It can be said that Sanz weaving dates back to 200 years ago but there Is no specific date given.

Since the main means of living for locals Is animal husbandry, sheep and goat wool has been turned Into yarns fit for weaving by the local community. With ready made material getting more popular tn textile over time, cotton and orlon usage gradually increased.

Yarns are dyed using natural dyeing methods or purchased powder paints and hank dyrtng melhod ts used tn the region. which Is called *kelep\ While only worst were dyed in the past, nowadays cotton yarns are dyed as well. It ts also known that yarns are being sold pre-dyed.

While tensioning looms are mostly used, some houses sttll use wooden wrapper type looms. Since woven textile can be produced In any desired length tn wrapper type looms, woven 

rugs are especially long. Sanz. with rich samples of rug and light rug weaving techniques mostly, light rug weaving technique is called "zülü

Sanz Flat Weaving results In products used as floor rugs, divan and couch covers, pillows, load covers, sack, saddlebag, otherworldly rug (ahretlik dokuma). İla (cover used to prevent flour from spilling while rolling dough), spinner (Igllk). dough roller weave (oklavalık). salt bag. pitcher and palaz (textile usually used to cover pile of hay. door steps, or toilets).

Region's most famous woven products are mainly floor rugs. Used to cover the floor, this product Is known as "yargı', woven with two flaps and then patterns are stitched with needles. Wall and floor covers are usually woven as two different flaps and merged later on. Region's most woven product, rugs, are named as seleser rug. kuflu rug. sandıklı rug and zincirli rug according to their patterns and mottoes.

In the villages of the districts where weaving Is still performed. asma (hanging) products are highly common. Manufactured to cover two walls of a room, these rugs are literally made to be hung on the walls. These rugs, apart from decorating walls, are used to prevent cold and moisture coming in through walls.

Although known as divan rugs, since couches replaced divans In most homes, these rugs are mostly spread over couches and are among the flat woven products manufactured in the region. Couch and divan rugs are mostly woven In rectangular 

shapes and continue trvening up houses in specific vidages °f Saru with I heir colours.

When *r Ihtnk of Saru Hat Weaving Ike ftnt product comes to mind after rugs is load rug. Commonly wenrn and used tn the region, load rugs are mainly in deep red colour, hjxess items in a house tike bedding, duvets and pdlotvs are piled on top of each other and they are corered with this rug. This way. ítems are protected.

Kemer Village of the district has a different and rich variety tn wosrn sacks. Iront and rear sides of sacks are worn separa tely and (hen merged, or (hey are worm as a single buf bJQjrr piece, usually »wm with wool or cotlon moleríais. Sacks are called Ytlan Koran (Snake Repelling) Sack. Roncukfu (Ilea ded) Sack. Reltdar (Slim Waist) Sack. Ko^boynuzlu (Rams horn) Sack. Deveil (Camel) Sack, depending on the pattern and design.

Saddlebags, mostly made out of wool and goat hair and used to carry toads, ila. spread under roiling boards while roiling dough, dough roller covers (oklavahk) which Is hung on ktt chen to carry dough rollers; salt bags (tuzluk). hung on the necks of animais by shepherds to feed the animals with salt; pitcher (sUttek). used lo help carry milk and pillows are rarely encountered examples of Sanz Hat Wearing products.

Passed down through générai ions, from mothers to daughters. Saru Plat Woven products drastically tost demand as factory manufactured products are easy to access, to the degree of being entirely lost, local people leaving for fcaetgn countries for »vrk due to economical reasons bring some of the uwen products with them and both sed them and help keep this ira ditto n alive.

One of the main sources of Income for the locals of the region a long time ago, Saru Plat Woven products unfortunately tost tts traditional salues and are now manufactured in accordon ce with market demands instead of their original colours, qu aitty. size, materials and patterns.

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